Ancho Flakes 40g


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Cool Chile Company’s Chile Ancho Flakes are made with the mild and sweet ancho chilli – the most popular one used in Mexican cooking. It has notes of chocolate and fruit, and a dark oxblood red colour.

How to use Ancho Flakes

Lightly toast ancho chilli flakes in a dry pan until fragrant to release their flavour or add directly to simmering stews or soups.

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Dodie Miller, founder of Cool Chile Co, believes that there are certain warm, earthy flavours and smells that instantly transport you to Mexico. Whether it’s salsas and sauces made with toasted dried chillies, tortillas fresh from the comal, Mexican oregano rubbed over pozole, or black beans bubbling in a pot with epazote, these are the tastes and spice sensations that they want to bring into your home.

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