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Dried mint is a great addition to your savoury herb and spice arsenal. Although most commonly used with lamb in British cooking, in Turkish and Middle Eastern it is far more versatile. Use the mint with sumac, lemon and olive oil in Turkish salads, or add with oregano to courgettes stewed in a tomato sauce. In these dishes the dried mint isn’t just the poor-man’s substitute for fresh mint, it brings an additional dimension of flavour.

Greenfields are a second generation UK-based family business. Greenfields’ herbs and spices are used by restaurants, artisans and street food producers across the country – all who enjoy their great value products. For caterers and restaurants the kitchen-safe and easy-to-use resealable plastic tubs for their larger size packs of ingredients are extremely popular. And for home cooks the smaller packets of spices are great for filling your spice drawer. The Greenfields philosophy is to provide good quality products at a great price.

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150g, 50g

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