Korean Soy Sauce For Soup


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Also known as guk gang jang, Korean soy sauce differs from the Japanese-style soy sauce also used in Korea in both flavour and colour. Its light brown colour is often preferred as it doesn’t discolour clear soups as much as other varieties. Its flavour, meanwhile, is less sweet and more salty than regular soy sauce. Korean soy sauce for soup is a by-product from making doenjang, Korean soy bean paste.

Use Korean soy sauce in tkeok-guk soup with tteok rice cakes, thinly sliced beef, shiitake mushrooms, Korean red pepper powder, minced garlic and sesame oil. Korean soy sauce for soup is also used to make Korean namul, vegetable side dishes, and muchim, Korean salads.

Ingredients: Water, defatted soybean, wheat, salt, corn syrup, yeast extract, sodium benzoate

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