Mulato Chilli 50g


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Whole Dried Mulato Chillies are a mild type of poblano chilli, which bring notes of dried fruit, bitter chocolate and liquorice to recipes. In Mexico, they are most commonly used in moles, but you can also rehydrate and stuff them.

How to use Mulato Chillies

Lightly toast then rehydrate mulato chillies to release their flavour. Wipe clean and remove stems and seeds. Open out flat and toast briefly in a dry pan on a medium heat until fragrant, then soak in just boiled water for 15 minutes. Drain and blend to a paste with a splash of water before using. Always wash your hands after handling chillies!

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Dodie Miller, founder of Cool Chile Co, believes that there are certain warm, earthy flavours and smells that instantly transport you to Mexico. Whether it’s salsas and sauces made with toasted dried chillies, tortillas fresh from the comal, Mexican oregano rubbed over pozole, or black beans bubbling in a pot with epazote, these are the tastes and spice sensations that they want to bring into your home.

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