Pork Kalbi Marinade


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Pork kalbi marinade or pork galibi marinade is used to flavour pork ribs in this much- loved Korean BBQ dish. Kalbi dishes are traditionally prepared with rib meat which is marinated in ganjang, Korean soy sauce, and cooked on a hot griddle or grill.

Pork kalbi is typically served in restaurants known as kalbi houses where the meat is cooked on grills set in the tables, usually by the customers themselves. The tender, grilled  pork ribs are served in crisp lettuce and dipped into ssamjang, a mixture of gochujang hot pepper paste and doenjang soybean paste.

When preparing the dish cut the pork ribs in thin slices across the bones to allow the pork kalbi marinade to seep into the meat faster. It also allows the meat to cook more quickly, creating a more tender cut, and making it easier to eat the finished dish with chopsticks.

Ingredients: Soy sauce (water, hydrolyzed soybean protein, salt, high fructose glucose syrop, defatted soybean, wheat, cooking rice wine, koji (barley)), sugar, high fructose corn syrup, apple puree 11% (apple, antioxidant (E300)), onion puree, pear puree 5% (pear, antioxidant (E300)), garlic, water, cooking rice wine, seasoning (maltodextrin, sweetener (E640)), salt, ginger extract, pepper powder, colour (E150c), acidity regulator (E330), thickerner (E415).Contains soya, wheat, sesame, barley.

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