Urfa Pepper – Isot Biber 100g


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Urfa pepper or urfa chilli flakes – isot biber in Turkish – is a uniquely flavourful pepper. The red peppers are allowed to ripe to a rich purple colour on the plant. Then they are then sun-dried during the day, and wrapped tightly at night to ‘sweat’ the peppers, and increase the richness of flavour. It has a warm, rounded, smoky spice flavour, with a hint of citrus.

Urfa pepper flakes or isot biber are most famously used in çiğ köfte, heavily spiced patties made from raw mincemeat and bulgur wheat, and lahmacun, a baked flat bread made with meat.

We also love urfa pepper flakes fried in a little butter and drizzled over breakfast eggs.

Ingredients: red pepper flakes, salt, sunflower oil

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