D’Horta Red Malagueta Pepper


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The most famous pepper in Brazil, malagueta peppers are perhaps better known as the piri piri pepper across Europe. The malagueta pepper is used across Brazil, Portugal and Mozambique in hot sauces and marinades. The peppers pack a lot of heat in a small amount – measuring 60,000 to 100,000 on the scoville scale, and each chilli just 1-3 cm long. The small glass bottle will contain at least 50 chillies – malagueta vermelha.

Blend a few malagueta peppers together with raw garlic, onion, sugar and vinegar to make your own piri piri sauce. Use to marinade a rack of lamb, steak or butterflied chicken breast, and serve with Brazilian farofa for a classic Brazilian dish. If cooking on the BBQ baste with a little honey to balance the fiery heat.

Ingredients: Malagueta peppers, salt, vinegar.

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