Red Curry Paste (Nittaya) 1kg


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This brand of thai curry is appreciated best by the thai chefs. If you are an curry addict (like me!!!)buy a pack, keeps well frozen.

Ingredients:   chili (25.00%), garlic (15.00%), lemongrass (13.00%), shallot (12.00%), salt (12.00%), galanga (10.00%), kaffir lime peel (8.00%), shrimp paste (5.00%)

Allergens: crustaceans
Nutritional values per100g
Energy456kJ / 109kcal
Fats2.20 g
    saturated fatty acids1.20 g
Carbohydrates10.40 g
    sugars10.00 g
Protein6.00 g
Salt8.90 g
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