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00 flour, or ‘doppio zero’ is what most Italian households use to make fresh egg pasta. The white Italian flour is finely-milled, resulting in grains which are finer than semolina, but larger than cornflour.Italian 00 flour is highly-refined from the whitest part of the grain. Because it is extracted from such a small part of the wheat, the flour is normally used for specific recipes, unlike an all-purpose flour.

Italian 00 flour is the same as German type 405, French type 45 and American pastry flour, so it can be used in recipes calling for those flours.

Knead with eggs for egg pasta dough, knead with water for pizza crusts, and knead with water and yeast for focaccia or ciabatta. Italian 00 flour is similar to French Type 45 or American Pastry Flour, and has many uses in breadmaking and patisserie.

Ingredients: wheat flour. May contain traces of soya. Allergens are listed in bold. 

  • Origin:Italy

  • Size:1kg

  • SKU:AR0009

  • Minimum shelf life:2 months

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