Organic Black Sesame Seeds 330g


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Organic black sesame seeds are a dramatic garnish for Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. They have a rich nutty flavour and earthy depth.

To get the best flavour, lightly toast the organic black sesame seeds in a dry frying pan. Then scatter over salads and rice dishes, or even mix with other seeds, nuts and dried fruit to make a healthy snack. Also grind black sesame seeds with coarse sea salt to make a great seasoning for fish and vegetables, or use the salt and sesame mixture to coat whole fish fillets before baking.

Pearls of Samarkand products offer a taste of the exotic Silk Road spice route. They’re passionate about bringing the world organic and Fairtrade dried fruits, nuts, spices and seeds from Uzbekistan and surrounding areas. The farmers who grow the produce for Pearls of Samarkand are taught to preserve traditional, organic farming methods – just the same as would have been used hundreds of years ago.

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